N°1 in the compounding industry in Tunisia

POLYMERES S.A. is an industrial compounding (Extrusion) unit of technical plastic raw materials for injection, essentially intended for the electric, electronic and automobile sectors. It is the unique producer of plastic granules in Tunisia and one of the pioneers of this activity in the North Africa. POLYMERES S.A. is on its way to achieve a transfer of technology in Africa, long considered as the privilege of the West. Its technical team consisting of engineers and senior technicians, was trained for months at our German partner, one of the biggest European compounders.

The company POLYMERES S.A. aims to become a key player in the plastics processing industry in North Africa, by offering a product of equal quality to the European one, at a lower cost, and close enough to North African plasturgists and European operators who settle down in the Maghreb. POLYMERES S.A. capitalizes in the emergence of Tunisia as an important outsourcing platform for equipment manufacturers of injected or extruded products.